Monday, November 30, 2009

My Little Cowboy

Brenden had a great Halloween and so did we. We had so much fun taking him this year Because he actually knew what was going on!!! Even better he was trying so hard to say Trick or Treat at every house we went to. He was the cutest cowboy in town even with out the hat. He would not keep it on. We decided to Take him Trick or Treating with His cousin. They are 2 week apart and had so much fun together

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We had a Party for Brenden the weekend before his Birthday. We had just Family there!!! It was so fun He really enjoyed it!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lake Las Vegas

Cute Picture of brenden!!!
Here's a few I will post more later!!!

Thanks to my friend Christina for the great pictures

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sara B-day Party

Greg's cousin Sara had her birthday party and she turned 6. We went went swimming and had cake and opened presents!!!

FAmilY rEUniON

We took our first camping trip with Brenden on the 24Th of July up to Bryce Canyon. I guess not our first camping trip but our first one in a tent. I was really nervous about how well this would go over and surprisingly he did great. We stayed two nights and he didn't even cry. I think he thought It was fun for a change. He had a great time playing with cousin and riding the rhinos and 4-wheelers. We have decided we will try camping in a tent again since it was so successful. We all enjoyed our short little trip with the fam.

4-wheeler ride in Bryce Canyon
My grandma she is a trooper and loves the 4-wheel rides!!! My mom and Brenden he won the raffle
Playing with cousin he hardly ever sees
riding his 4-wheeler
most of the gang on the ride
My sister and Brenden going to go swimming
while we go on a rhino ride thanks to her.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garbage Digger

Yes I got the jeep out of someones trash down the street. But it wasn't actually in the the trash just next to it. I knew Brenden would just love it so i packed it home. I wish I had a before picture of the Jeep. We made it a project took it all apart and pressure washed and painted it. It all works and Greg has figured out how to hook it up to his 4-wheeler battery. We took Brenden out to the desert and let him try it out. He loved it and man was it fast!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grocery smarts

3 Toothpaste 2.00$ but .75 cents off
4 Kebbler cookies( we ate 1) 2 were .49cents & 2 were .94 cents
4 Stay free Pads 2.50$ But they were buy one get one coupons and I had 2 coupons
2 Mouth washes 3$ and I had 1$ off coupons
4 Boxes O.B. tampons 2.50$ and 1.50$ off
Grand total= 22.76
Saved 33.96
I could have save an extra 5.00$. You have to really pay attention I am still learning.
It was a 10 item get 5.00$ off so I should have bought 3 more items to equal 20 items.
I was a little disappointed because if I was smart it would have been like 18 dollars for more stuff!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cute stuff check it out

My friend Melinda makes the cutest stuff check her blog out!
She came came over today and is going to make me vinyl for my house. I am so excited. She made Brenden the cutest Prophet flash cards and ABC cards. If you love twilight check out her twilight line. If you need vinyl she is the gal to go too!!!

like father like son

Brenden always wants to be doing exactly what his dad is. The other day Brenden had his bike helmet on along with Greg's sunglass and his keys in his hands. He had Greg phone in his pocket and he didn't just have one phone his had to have Greg's work phone too. He has to wear Greg's work boots all the time.

Time to cool off..........

Greg's aunt has a pool so we took Brenden swimming for family home evening. We pick up pizza on the way and had a great time cooling off. I actually didn't even have to convince Greg to go he wanted to to. He never wants to go.It must have been extra hot that day!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Utah here we come!!!!

Brenden on papas 4- wheeler
This is the funnest park ever everything spins!!

Brenden Playing in the dirt Going on a 4-wheeler ride!!! We took a trip up to my Parents house in Cedar City Utah a few weeks ago. We had great time visiting family. My dad works up in Duck creek so Saturday we head up there. On our way up we grabed subways and it rained about the whole time we were up there. But we had fun anyway. We rode 4-wheelers and played horse shoes. Thankfully my dad has a cabin up there so we were able to stay pretty dry!! Sunday we celebrated fathers day with my dad, and played a little croquet and had a nice dinner my mom cooked. Always good when my mom cooks. Monday morning we headed for my Grandma's which is in Mapleton Utah pretty close to Provo. We went to lunch with everyone at California Pizza Kitchen and then headed to the zoo!!!
Brenden loved the Hogle Zoo My mom has all the picture so I will post them later.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dirt cups!!!!

Family home evening we decided to make dirt cups and watch a church movie! Brenden loved it and say jesus over and over every time he sees him. Its so funny.
They dont look that great Brenden and Gregs were quite the mess!!!
Thanks for the idea Janine I saw it on your Blog!!!

Jewelry Party!

Anyone intersted in a jewelry party its tommorrow at 7:00pm! Its at my house let me know ane i will give you my address thanks!