Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dirt cups!!!!

Family home evening we decided to make dirt cups and watch a church movie! Brenden loved it and say jesus over and over every time he sees him. Its so funny.
They dont look that great Brenden and Gregs were quite the mess!!!
Thanks for the idea Janine I saw it on your Blog!!!

POtTy clOwN

The other day I caught Brenden in my make-up. He looked totally like a clown I was laughing so hard. Here's the pictures!!!

He Loves to go potty but as soon as I put the underwear on he pees in them . We bought him a potty chair like 6months ago and he goes every time we putt him on it.He actually goes a few times. He pushes and goes and pushes and goes more so on and so on. Greg always says" he pushes so hard he is going to give himself a hernia."

Grocery smarts class

I went to a grocery smarts class last week and learned how to get great deal with coupons. They have a website and all the helps you. Its and if anyone is interested I will have a class at my house and Heather can come teach you all. It is unreal how much you save. I just started get the newspaper so I have to build up my coupon supply. But last week I just print off some coupons because I was so excited to try it out. Here is what I paid 1.98 I had a 3 $ off coupon for Johnson & Johnson
and a 1$ off coupon for Huggies so for the buddies they are totally free.
There is a link for the buddies soap bar at the bottom.

4 boxes of cereal
6 boxes of hotpockets
4 easy macs
6 boxes of sausages
1 gallon of milk( not on sell)
I paid a whole 23$ for all this and saved 26.98

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Jewelry Party!

Anyone intersted in a jewelry party its tommorrow at 7:00pm! Its at my house let me know ane i will give you my address thanks!