Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brenden's hair cut done by him!

Here is the out come of his hair
He looks like a cute little cancer boy :(

Everyone said shave it, I'm not sure they
realized he would be bald!

So yesterday morining Brenden was brushing his teeth with his electric toothbrush. A few minutes later I hear a differnt noise. I thought oh he probably just grabed my toothbrush. So i go into the bathroom to check on him and find hair on the counter top. I still didnt get it until I look at Greg's electric face razor that was in his hand. So this is the turn out!! I dont want to shave it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday boy!!!

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. He turned 25 today! Thanks for all you do for us we love you tons!!! Hope you have a great day and I LOVE YOU XOXOX!!!!!

Memorial day weekend!

Ok so just to start off saturday we went to eat lunch together at CiCi's Pizza. For those that havent tried it its a pizza buffet thats pretty good and cheap. Then we went shopping at my all time favorite store H&M. Then that evening we had 2 wedding to attend too. It was great to see a bunch of my friend who alot of them I havent seen probably since high school. So wow how much people change over a few years. But it was nice to see everyone. Sunday we relaxed. Monday we decided to take Brenden to the lake for the first time. Man did he love it. He really didnt want us to hold him or use a floaty.It was so fun playing with him there. We are diffently going back soon except maybe next time with some water shoe of some sort. I lost my flip flops some where out there its so so muddy. So due to that I am all cut up on my feet. To finish it off Me and Greg are Sunburned. How does that work we used sunscreen on all three of us and somehow we burn and Brenden gets a nice tan. Well atleast he is not burned!!! It was a great weekend!

Jewelry Party!

Anyone intersted in a jewelry party its tommorrow at 7:00pm! Its at my house let me know ane i will give you my address thanks!