Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sara B-day Party

Greg's cousin Sara had her birthday party and she turned 6. We went went swimming and had cake and opened presents!!!

FAmilY rEUniON

We took our first camping trip with Brenden on the 24Th of July up to Bryce Canyon. I guess not our first camping trip but our first one in a tent. I was really nervous about how well this would go over and surprisingly he did great. We stayed two nights and he didn't even cry. I think he thought It was fun for a change. He had a great time playing with cousin and riding the rhinos and 4-wheelers. We have decided we will try camping in a tent again since it was so successful. We all enjoyed our short little trip with the fam.

4-wheeler ride in Bryce Canyon
My grandma she is a trooper and loves the 4-wheel rides!!! My mom and Brenden he won the raffle
Playing with cousin he hardly ever sees
riding his 4-wheeler
most of the gang on the ride
My sister and Brenden going to go swimming
while we go on a rhino ride thanks to her.

Jewelry Party!

Anyone intersted in a jewelry party its tommorrow at 7:00pm! Its at my house let me know ane i will give you my address thanks!